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Wildcat Athletics

Welcome to Wildcat Athletics!

On this site, you can order PE uniforms, and purchase team uniform items.

There will be limited opportunities to order replacement uniforms throughout the year, so please order more than one jersey, t-shirt, shorts, etc. at this time if you think your child will require more than one uniform per year.

If you have not done so already, be sure to fill out the Wise School 2016-17 Athletics Contract. To ensure student safety, we must insist that every student (and parent) sign an Athletics Contract prior to participating in athletics. Thanks!

Mandatory PE Class Purchases:

  • PE T-Shirt, Grey and/or Nike Legends Crew, Navy.
  • Nike Baseline Shorts, Navy. *same as Athletic Team Shorts

Mandatory Athletic Team Purchases:

  • PE T-Shirt, Grey and/or Nike Legends Crew, Navy.  *used for PE/practices.
  • Nike Baseline Shorts, Navy *same as PE Shorts
  • Nike Baseline Jersey, Navy.
  • Mouthguard (Flag Football Only).
  • Helmet (Flag Football Only).
  • Socks (Soccer Only).